Friday, April 8, 2011


This is so awesome! This video has videos of 4 level 58 pets and mounts roaming your house! And to help you get some mounts, mount-a-plooza time has came making mounts you buy with crowns 50% off. You don't hve to hurry now because mount-a-plooza is here between today, April 8th through to the 17th of April. Test realm is up! Unfortunatly, its only puting amulets in to give you power pips for secondary schools you have, and reduced amounts of crowns for buying back training points.This is just so awesome I always wanted ALL of those pets and I finnaly have a mounts so it can roam my house! And yes I,m sorry but I can't link to the video for some reason, Terrific Travis does have a link to it, wizard101has a link on the mount-a-plooza page too.
Happy pet collecting,
~ The Cool Theurgist

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