Monday, April 18, 2011

well ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......... sorry

Hello wizards,
I am sorry i haven't posted for a while. The first thing i'd like to tell you is The Friendly Necromancer aka bunnymancer if you have seen his new header is taking a break. What hes going to do is an every so often instead of his almost daily posts. I will miss you friendly. Second, the briskbreeze run was a no-show. I beat it with my friends instead though. Third, my poll says that i am not boring on with my blog. fourth, if you go to the die show there is a variety of color you can stylize your pet egg with.
(this is not my pet egg though i do have one.)
so yeah, thats what is happening in the spiral. Sorry for delay posts.
Happy pet collecting,
The Cool Theurgist

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