Friday, June 24, 2011

Ravenwood Ball: Tomorrow

Well, Ravenwood ball is tomorrow. I won't be coming :( . ( going on vacation :) ) so hope you have fun and blog about it.

Happy Pet collecting and partying,
The Cool Theurgist

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Test Realm is up

Well guys test realm is up and they want you to test the Malistare dungeon. Nothing much else is going on so i'll leave you withs some pics.

Pet of the day today is the sunbird ( no card )

Happy pet collecting,
The Cool Theurgist

Thursday, June 16, 2011


2 things:
 1. the dragons hoard thing was a mess up.
 2. like the new header?(P.S. i took the pic)

The Cool Theurgist


So first of all the Evil Sandman in town 2000 crowns= good pet

Second this message was sent out

Don't forget to clean out your backpack and bank!
Having your backpack and bank over capacity can make your wizard less efficient when traveling to different areas completing quests. The easy solution to this issue is selling unwanted items at the bazaar - you'll be surprised at how much gold you can earn. Selling your extra items could even help you save up enough for that house you've been wanting... or spend extra gold hatching with all your new Petapalooza pets!

and thats all for now

Happy pet collecting'
The Cool Theurgist

Monday, June 6, 2011


For the first time Wizard101 is having a pet-a-plooza. They have brought back the pale madin and red gobbler. Offer is June 6 through 14.

Between June 6th 2011 and June 14th 2011, you can adopt some interesting pets!

All our pets are on sale, some up to 50% off their regular Crowns price! For this special event, we've brought back some previously retired pets and there will be new pets released throughout the month of June!

Visit the Crown Shop to buy your pets today!

We're also giving you a pet snack the first time you login during Pet-a-palooza! The random snack will appear in your Gift window the first time you log in to the game between June 6th and June 14th.

Happy pet colecting,
The Cool Theurgist