Sunday, July 31, 2011

Meet Rex!

Hey guys,
well yesterday i got my Forest Lord and also yesterday he got to adult! :)

So he got spritley at teen! :) And health gift at adult. :/

he quite the disco dancer. :)

Well thats pretty much it i can't wait to get the hybrids he can make ex. crop watcher, forest crawler, cloud beast. You get the point.

Happy pet collecting,
The Cool Thuergist


  1. x breaks into song x
    Burn, baby, burn! Disco Infernoooo!

  2. @Victoria Don't forget the Bee Gees! That was the main soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever, plus the Forest Lord is a la John Travolta ;) STAYIN' ALIVE!

  3. it amazes me that you all like disco dancing! :P
    i'm glad i have crazy ( and cool ) followers!