Monday, August 22, 2011

Tower of the helephant : the reason why i almost did the waterworks alone

YOU MIGHT WANT TO SKIP THIS sorry i didn't post sooner but i was busy beating wysteria........... and epic failing in the tower of the helephant
with the spirals two best cheating bosses Taurus the Clever and Ervin the barbarian. After some time i got in with 3 other guys but soon it became two guys ( one fled) the made us have only 2 lifes and an ice somehow we got to the mouse maze. What mouse maze?

so maybe it was easy for you but in my case that was hard but wait i still didn't defeat the tower.
so later my friend ask me to teleport to him he's at crab alley right next to the waterworks
i get on the sigil no one else comes so i start doing the quests and then remeber hey wait this place may be easy compared to the tower but its still hard. So thats my crazy little story.
 Other than that i need to start pet of the day again so without further ado todays pet of the day is...................................

GHAST!!!! ( click to enlarge)

The Ghast is a hybrid of satyr and wraith. It gives wraith.  It looks like a green ianthine specter

Happy Pet Collecting,
The Cool Theurgist

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