Friday, August 12, 2011

Wysteria through the eyes of a level 25!

That's right i made a guy and got him to level 25 then did wysteria
part 1. Merle tells me Ravenwood has not been able to win the spiral cup in a long time. but I have been chosen to fight in the championship.

part 2. In part to i talk to the students and the teachers
some student say there from places of the spiral we have never heard of ( mirage and wierwood).
but it was the teachers that suprised me.

He read my mind o:

basiclly Ankhu is saying why fight when you can be lazy and do nothing

part 3. After finding nothing magical in the pond i'm sent to fix things out on Peaguseas Place. Where i find a Satyr and my first cheating boss. :O  At least i was fight with other people cause he was hardish ( if there are no people with you you might want a minion.

Part 4. when gathering ingredients to stop goblins from coming i hear of Emperyia. Cool!

part 5. My battle with kiasha or whatever his name is was hard but i have a tip first put black mante on him then take out his shield he might leaving you to cast that buffed kracken ( or whatever you have) and defeat him.

part 5. you know this all the spiral cup is missing, i'm accused, Chester Droors says i'm at a dead end after my battle with Nailia dunestrider he thinks i know too much so he attacks me. He's fairly hard but usally theres some high level guy having to fight him too. again minions help if your alone.

Part 6. Lord bramble's cheat is healing himself and he has a green man and a barkskin treant help. You want to do it with someone else or a minion.

part 7. My battle with randolf was not hardsave some pips use a treasure card and its over.

and thats the guide to beating wysteria at 25. ( other guides may be better)

and whos heard of the new samoraui pet :)

hes got good stats.

He has the awesomest walk ever!!!!

Happy Pet Collecting,
The Cool Thuergist

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