Sunday, October 9, 2011

Halloween stuff and central.

Hi everybody! Well Has everybody enjoyed Halloween! I haven't posted since it started in wizard101 but i've still been playing. So first off, I have both the zombie piggle and ghost dragon (i should have gotten the nightmare). Second i have just made an account on Central :)I've joined a hatching group and have been asking people in this group about hatching for pvp and pet derby pets. I would hate to leave my viewers out so if you want to read this:

Hey! I am looking for pvp and pet derby pets! If you are interested, I have a:
Ice hound (still an egg)
Ghost hound         Brown Spider
zombie piggle       Lava spider
ghost dragon       cloud beast
zombie         Blue cat thug
ice elf      blue ghost
satyr       Leprechaun
forest lord      Cupig
Rat magician (yes i've played THAT long)     Life banshee
dire ghoul (give ghoul at baby)        blue banshee
Evil Sandman       black cat
Myth ghoul        Grim scarab
Forest oni          Nightwalker
Evil Snowman (no card)       Shadow Phoneix
Storm salamander          Storm hound
Storm Snowman        Death oni
Snow Serpent              jellyfish
Traveller                    Death cyclops
Yellow ghost                 Jade Hound
Reaver                        Crop Watcher
Firewing ( gives Sunbird card)         Earth Walker
Christmas elf                    Frostman
Minotaur                      Black spider
Unicorn                      frog
crystal spider             Skeletal Warrior
sea turtle                     Jade oni
Crabling                    Forest Crawler
Frostcaller                   Wendigo
lucky leprechaun           goat monk
storm bat (give lightning bats at baby)        Pet egg
Clockwork golem                            Flamezilla (gives firezilla)
Samoorai                            Woodland Haunter
Fire Serpent                         Spinyfish
Pet rock                              Green Cat Thug
Death Troll                        Bolt Colossus (gives storm shield at baby)
Sprite                                  Diseased Wildclaw
Krokotillian                    Golden piggle
Ghast                            Storm dancer
Inferno beast                     Wanderer
Wraith                             Dark sprite
Krokomummy                   Lifebat
Ghoul                           Sunbird
Silverback Wildclaw
Fire Salamander

Woah Thats a lot! I have a few more but you wouldn't be interested in them!
So yeah any of those just tell me and  i will train the pet and set out a date.
Picture time

Some of you might have noticed the first pet i offered was an ice hound that had not hatched yet but would soon. Yes it is true if you look at the picture above i have evidence. Right now he probably has an hour and 15 minutes left. But yes i (crazily) am thinking about making him my perfect pet, Meaning the pet i will have equiped all the time. That means getting spritley and possibly other may casts I will train him and see if i'll have to try and make his pedigree better but yes anyways here comes a lot of hatching. I hope that was not to boring to you guys.

Happy Pet Collecting,
The Cool Theurgist

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