Saturday, October 1, 2011

October Newsletter and test realm!

Hey everybody,

So yea i haven't posted for a while though i have had some stuff to talk about.
First customizable signs and a new map on test. ( I haven't done it so i didn't post).
October newsletter! It talks about Gear-a-palooza And New "spooktacular pets".
which come to my ideas: Everybody thinks the nightmare is going to be avaliable to buy.
I do to, but i also think we might be able to buy a red ghost! And maybe more like Ninja pigs dressed up in costumes was an idea i had. Probably not but who knows i would want one and so would The Friendly Necromancer and alsoi got a new pet Clockwork golem. He is sooooooo pet of the day:

Thats all for now.

Happy Pet Colecting,
The Cool thuergist

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