Wednesday, December 19, 2012

White Winter Owl.


As you probably know the White Winter Owl has been released on the 13th day of the spiral. I believe it is the first crowns shop pet ever to be sold for gold or crowns. Its prices are below.

Crowns: 3,500
Gold: 35,000

Yes at some times 35,000 gold is something you don't want to use on one pet but I'm here to give some insight on why its worth its price.

First of all the White Winter Owl is a nice addition to anyone's pet collection and has a nice look.

But when you train it you see it real value.

I hope to train in to adult as show that talent as well.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

How to get Bones Mcgee

Today I will show you how to get Bones Mcgee as a Companion.

Note that this companion is Witchdoctor only, but I believe he will go to the crowns shop for the other classes.

You Start off at level 10 by talking to Captain Charlie Kennit in Flotsams docks. He tells you that His Cousin is missing and he wants you to find him. You find his shipwrecked at the ruined lighthouse and you follow his footprints to a cavern. When you get in you find yourself confronting A skeleton, drowned zombie, and wizened zombie. After Defeating them there is some dialouge and then Old Scratch tells you there is powerful magic here and summons a skeleton.

Then you have a powerful and cool looking musketeer on your team. I only trained Bonnie Anne to level 8 so Bones really helps.

I'll show you more Companions soon, I have more than the eight shown up top.

Happy Companion Collecting,
The Cool Theurgist

Friday, October 5, 2012


Fin Dorsal and his ten henchsharks have you outskilled and outmatched. As you take a step back to avoid the cutlass of a shark you bump into someone. Aware that your time is up you turn around to see Wu Tang, Kan Po, and Bonnie Anne ready to fight. You sigh in relief knowing that your odds of victory have increased.


1 Cool Theugist's Guide to Companions

*Note. Companions have colors dependent on your flag colors. Mine is Orange and Black so mine will look different. Sorry that some Companions are incomplete, I will try my hardest to get as many as I can for you.

Please do not use pictures without my permission.
Obtainer's Class: Type that gets companion.
Quest Giver: Person Who gives quest for companion
Quest: Which quest gives companion and if its a first, second, third, ect. in quest line.
Unlocked: When you can purchase it in the crowns shop.
Quest Giver's Location: Area and world of quest giver.
Promotion: When, for what, and/or how they look after a promotion.
Every-Class Companions

Bonnie Anne
Obtainer's Class: All
Quest Giver: Bonnie Anne
Quest: Troggy Trouble
Gracie Conrad
Obtainers Class: All
Quest Giver: Gracie Conrad
Quest: Guns of Marleybone
Crowns Shop Miscellaneous Companions
Holkun DoomHorn
Obtainers Class: Any
Bought From Tribal Crew Pack

Chilam Bak (needs pic)
Kawil Doomclaws (needs pic
Itzen Kaan (needs pic)
Lemba Moonskull (needs pic)
Nikeeta (needs pic)
Obtainers Class: Any
Quest Giver: Hunter Swiftfoot
Quest: Passion of the Heart
Oingo Boingo (needs pic)
Fin Dorsal (needs pic)
Martin Valvida

Starter Companions

Egg Shen

Obtainer's Class: Privateer
Quest Giver: BoochBeard
Quest: Tutorial

Kan Po

Obtainer's Class: Witchdoctor
Quest Giver: Boochbeard
Quest: Tutorial

Kobe Yojimbo

Obtainer's Class: Buccaneer
Quest Giver: BoochBeard
Quest: Tutorial

Wing Chun
Obtainer's Class: Musketeer
Quest Giver: Boochbeard
Quest: Tutorial

Obtainer's Class: Swashbuckler
Quest Giver: Boochbeard
Quest: Tutorial
Starter Crowns Companions

Wu Tang
Unlocked: Start

Unlocked: Start

Kiesuke Yaga
Unlocked: Start

Wagyu Sanjuro
Unlocked: Start
Zang Cha
Unlocked: Start

Gunn's Will Companions


Obtainer's Class: Witchdoctor
Quest Giver: Avery
Quest: Bad Company
Ensign Emmett

Obtainer's Class: Privateer
Quest Giver: Avery
Quest: Bad Company

Barnabus (needs pic)

Louis Le Bisque

Obtainer's Class: Musketeer
Quest Giver: Avery
Quest Bad Company
Sarah Steele (needs pic)

Parent's Death Companions

Milo Greytail

Obtainers Class: Anyone who answers Storm
Quest Giver: FrogFather
Quest: Presidio Job
Birgus Latro

Obtainer's Class: Anyone who answers Sky Squid
Quest Giver: FrogFather
Quest: Presidio Job

Lucky Jack Russel

Obtainer's Class: Anyone who answers shipwrecked
Quest Giver: FrogFather
Quest: Presidio Job

Companions Obtained By Witchdoctors

Bones Mcgee
Quest Giver: Captain Charlie Kennit
Quest: Bone Chill (1st in questline)
Quest Giver's Location: Flotsam (Skull Island)


Quest Giver: Nikolaus Amarillo
Quest: A Deadly Catch (2nd in questline)
Quest Giver's Location: Gold Mines (Skull Island)

Ghost Singer

Quest Giver: Seven Storms
Quest: To The Rescue (Main Quest)
Quest Givers location: Elder's Bluff  (Cool Ranch)


Quest Giver: Adam Jolly
Quest: Save Those Jolly Ranchers (1st in questline)
Quest Giver's Location: Arroyo Grande, Junction (Cool Ranch)


Happy Companion Collecting,
The Cool Theurgist

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fin Dorsal, another one of Kingsisle play on words


Today I would like to speak about Fin Dorsal. Not only is he the guy on the top of my blog, but a companion, enemy, and a play on words. If you've read Swordrolls post about Fin, you know you must beat him three times before you can buy him in the crowns shop for 12500 crowns (as of beta).

Now we also might know Dorsal fins. No? How about now?

Heheh... not bad. Also Milo Greytail is winning in the poll as of now, if you like Dead Mike you should to vote for him.

Photo: zombie pirate!

Happy pet collecting,
The Cool Theurgist

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pirate101 release annouced! and 76th post!


I'm not sure about you but I am soooooooo ready for pirate101! It is announced that it shall be released in early october which will be just a few long weeks! Tommorow they release bundle cards that can get you in to P101 sooner. I would love to get one but my better judgment is holding me back.
Sooo.... what have I been doing in P101 beta? Getting pictures of pets for you guys? Or companions? Nope. Abosulotely nothing. But I'm happy that the plot won't be spoiled to me. I 've really became anxious for P101, I wasn't too excited about it until Ditto Wizard gave a post about companions, they were like awesomer pets. Now I can't wait for it. Also I plan on making two new pages for my blog. One that show a list of pets W101 and P101, and the second that gives a list of companions. Look for that soon. Also I'm having a poll, which companion should I have for my main character? Milo graytail (wharf rat) gained by answering storm or Dead Mike (undead pirate) by mutiny?

Milo Graytail

Dead Mike

Pictures from Stars Of The Spiral which is now an official blog.

With all due pet/companion collecting respect,
The Cool Theurgist

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cue Champion music

Woot! Woot!

It's been a long and rough path full of losses victories and basilisks, but today scratch that, it's taken about three hours but Sean Drakerider hath made his way to a PvP Knight! Party with my storm elfs!

Aw Yeah! It's a nice accomplishment to have done this, considering Sean Nightfist is pretty bad at PvP, but my trusty dusty Forest Basilisk (and various tcs) helped me achevie this rank. Also look at for a big post i'm going to put out soon.

Happy Storm Elf Collecting,
The Cool Theurgist

Monday, August 13, 2012

Beta key giveaway!

Some of the Wizard101 sites are giving away beta keys!
Ambrose2Zeke, dairy of a wizard, Paige's page, ext.

Also its Shark week! Check the news as you log on to get a free one day shark mount!

Happy Pet Collecting,
The Cool Theurgist

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ready to have a Ball?

Are you guys prepared?
The Third Ravenwood Annual Ball is today!

I'm all prepared to camp out for a spot myself! I missed the last two so this one should be fun for me, and everyone! I look as shown and should have a companion named sean nightfist balance level 12 who can help spot me out.

Happy partying,
The Cool Theurgist

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Many Minstrels

Sup! We have new pets! I thank my sis for having the crowns to get this:

Mischevious one. Reminds me of Innes Idle the Weasel Minstrel.

Hmm........ I didn't know Innes had a cousin.
There are probably more out there. I am currently training Sir Buddy my Mishevious one to adult. I'm liking their stats. I love their rock star dance, playing the lute while jumping and a on-knees finale!

Happy Minstrel Collecting,
The Cool Theurgist

Monday, May 28, 2012

Hey Yall!

I think the Who Am I? went really well and I will try that again. The answer was Talos who is a myth minion spell and boss to get the medusa spell. Speaking of myth my Myth wizard is questing in the Tree of Life as we speak. He is almost level 38 and I looking forward to getting his level 38 spell: Minotaur Minion.
Lol as my tough troll is asking, Whats up?

Well I been hatching with all that money you get from Avalon and have seen many cool hybrids:
(Pet) Glacier Dragon.png  Glacier Dragon
(Pet) Arctic Triton.png  Artic Triton
(Pet) Plains Mammoth.png  Plains Mammoth
(Pet) Tundra Basilisk.png  Tundra Basilisk
(Pet) Cyclone Basilisk.png  Cyclone Basilisk
(Pet) Forest Basilisk.png Forest Basilisk
(Pet) Void Basilisk.png  Void Basilisk
(Pet) Desert Basilisk.png Deset Basilisk
(Pet) Tempest Chimera.png  Tempest Chimera
(Pet) Oblivion Chimera.png  Oblivion Chimera (Yes they are different than the tempest ones)
Infernal Chimera (haven't seen these yet)
(Pet) Marid.png  Marid
(Pet) Jinn.png Jinn
(Pet) Rain Gnome.png  Rain Gnome
(Pet) Fire Gnome.png  Fire Gnome
(Pet) Graveyard Gnome.png Graveyard Gnome
(Pet) Desert Gnome.png  Desert Gnome
When I find more I shall show you them.
Anyways Someone emailed a question asking about how they might defeat Meowiarty with their Myth.
I realized no one asks me questions, partly because I might not seem like an advice guy and partly because I never told you that I will gladly answer questions. Just post a comment or email me at
 But back to the question, each school has its specialization at something. Myth for instance can summon minions and even out battles. This is why I think myth can solo almost any place without problems. If you are soloing this dungeon/ boss you want to have some myth: prisms, traps, blades, spiritual traps and blades, pixies, a myth shield, tower shields (if you are myth), some pierces, some stuns, cyclopes and humungo frogs as your attacks, cyclops minion, and golem minion. Yes golem minion, I'm almost done with Mooshu and I still use it. You should learn to make it your best friend as it angers bosses with its annoying spells and therefore is killed using a spell that should have hit you. While it is distracting an enemy, you have two choices: To blade, shield, and trap up or you can find your cyclops minions. A four pip minion can cast sprite, cyclops, and blades/traps/shields. Now on to strategy, You most likely would find it more usefull to kill the weakest ones first so you have less enemies attacking you. Remember to heal oftenly and pierce storm shields before you use precious prisms. If you do this, you are likely to win.
Phew, that was a mega post. Remember to ask questions if you need help and be prepared for more answer and redeem games.
Happy Pet Collecting,
The Cool Theurgist