Saturday, March 17, 2012

Posts Galore!

Hello guys,

It has been quite a while since my last post. But today i'm here to tell you i'm ready to post again. No more 4 months durations between posts! And to welcome you back i have 3 codes to give out! Continue reading to find them. But for Now lets start off saying !Happy St. Patricks Day! To celebrate it we have theeeeeeeeee (Drum roll)                                                        LUCKY LEPRECHAUN! He is our pet of the day!

  I have mine somewhere but wizard101 isn't working well today.

Next I would like to say that we have New packs!
Ravens hoard! ( i scored lots of pets on this one!)
Kirins hoard!( foo dogs! :) )
Ninja Lore! ( Shenlong dragons )

 Next, I hit level 70 Yay!

and now what you've been waiting for,
Redeem this now, but be ready to answer questions next time.

And be prepared for more posts!
Happy pet Collecting,
The Cool Theurgist


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