Monday, April 9, 2012

What our Puzzle Is! (And other cool stuff.)

Can you believe it! Our puzzle has been put together and it looks like this

Avalon is here! It seems that gamma is in the picture as well as a dragon and knight meaning this is a medieval type world!
From what i have read this world supposedly has

In Avalon, players will discover new clues regarding the motivations of some of the main characters in the Wizard101 universe, including Merle Ambrose and the evil Morganthe.
Eventually, Wizards will test their might by undertaking a great quest to heal the land and recover the ancient Sword of Kings.
Avalon includes:
  • Six new Zones with 15 new areas to explore
  • Level cap increase to 80
  • 28 new (utility) spells – 4 per school
  • New equipment/drops
  • New level 78 pet quests (by school)  
  • New pets and mounts
  • New gardening levels (players can now achieve rank 15 in gardening) 
  • New gardening spells and plants
Avalon is expected to hit the Wizard101 public test server later this week.

That all came from MMORPG.

Also a few things from me.
Welcome to the Dragonspyre Restaurant

First Floor.

It does not lack details.

More details

Tables include chopsticks, candles, and red cushions.

Prince Chance provides music.

Second floor is more elegant.

Fountain and tables.


Bar and Music player.

Hope you enjoy!

Happy Pet collecting,
The Cool Theurgist

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