Monday, May 28, 2012

Answer and Redeem

Hey guys,

I haven't been actively posting because i've been busy and have been questing.

But to get back into a better habit I shall give you an answer and redeem right now, and shall post again later today. I am trying to do a "Who am I?" themed question today so please comment on how it went, and if you are the winner tell me what you got. Allright, here goes nothing:

Who Am I?

My name starts with T,
And I am a boss and a spell,
In mythology I protected the shores of Crete by throwing rocks at invaders ships,
Some say i am made of iron, while others do not,
Who am I?

To make it easier for me and you to keep answer and redeem working well. You may now Email your answers to me at Emailing is preferred but is not a requirement. If you decide to comment your answer it will be accepted but I can't tell you that your answer won't be stolen. I will try and get the code to the winner as soon as possible but i might not check my email until later tonight when i post again. Can't wait to see who wins, and remember to comment about what you get!

Happy Pet Collecting,
The Cool Theurgist

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