Monday, May 28, 2012

Hey Yall!

I think the Who Am I? went really well and I will try that again. The answer was Talos who is a myth minion spell and boss to get the medusa spell. Speaking of myth my Myth wizard is questing in the Tree of Life as we speak. He is almost level 38 and I looking forward to getting his level 38 spell: Minotaur Minion.
Lol as my tough troll is asking, Whats up?

Well I been hatching with all that money you get from Avalon and have seen many cool hybrids:
(Pet) Glacier Dragon.png  Glacier Dragon
(Pet) Arctic Triton.png  Artic Triton
(Pet) Plains Mammoth.png  Plains Mammoth
(Pet) Tundra Basilisk.png  Tundra Basilisk
(Pet) Cyclone Basilisk.png  Cyclone Basilisk
(Pet) Forest Basilisk.png Forest Basilisk
(Pet) Void Basilisk.png  Void Basilisk
(Pet) Desert Basilisk.png Deset Basilisk
(Pet) Tempest Chimera.png  Tempest Chimera
(Pet) Oblivion Chimera.png  Oblivion Chimera (Yes they are different than the tempest ones)
Infernal Chimera (haven't seen these yet)
(Pet) Marid.png  Marid
(Pet) Jinn.png Jinn
(Pet) Rain Gnome.png  Rain Gnome
(Pet) Fire Gnome.png  Fire Gnome
(Pet) Graveyard Gnome.png Graveyard Gnome
(Pet) Desert Gnome.png  Desert Gnome
When I find more I shall show you them.
Anyways Someone emailed a question asking about how they might defeat Meowiarty with their Myth.
I realized no one asks me questions, partly because I might not seem like an advice guy and partly because I never told you that I will gladly answer questions. Just post a comment or email me at
 But back to the question, each school has its specialization at something. Myth for instance can summon minions and even out battles. This is why I think myth can solo almost any place without problems. If you are soloing this dungeon/ boss you want to have some myth: prisms, traps, blades, spiritual traps and blades, pixies, a myth shield, tower shields (if you are myth), some pierces, some stuns, cyclopes and humungo frogs as your attacks, cyclops minion, and golem minion. Yes golem minion, I'm almost done with Mooshu and I still use it. You should learn to make it your best friend as it angers bosses with its annoying spells and therefore is killed using a spell that should have hit you. While it is distracting an enemy, you have two choices: To blade, shield, and trap up or you can find your cyclops minions. A four pip minion can cast sprite, cyclops, and blades/traps/shields. Now on to strategy, You most likely would find it more usefull to kill the weakest ones first so you have less enemies attacking you. Remember to heal oftenly and pierce storm shields before you use precious prisms. If you do this, you are likely to win.
Phew, that was a mega post. Remember to ask questions if you need help and be prepared for more answer and redeem games.
Happy Pet Collecting,
The Cool Theurgist

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