Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fin Dorsal, another one of Kingsisle play on words


Today I would like to speak about Fin Dorsal. Not only is he the guy on the top of my blog, but a companion, enemy, and a play on words. If you've read Swordrolls post about Fin, you know you must beat him three times before you can buy him in the crowns shop for 12500 crowns (as of beta).

Now we also might know Dorsal fins. No? How about now?

Heheh... not bad. Also Milo Greytail is winning in the poll as of now, if you like Dead Mike you should to vote for him.

Photo: zombie pirate!

Happy pet collecting,
The Cool Theurgist


  1. Persoanlly, I prefer Gaspard de Vole over both of them.

  2. Fin's also a parody of the main character from a movie, "Chronicles of Riddick", played by Vin Diesel. They even sound quite a bit alike.