Monday, August 26, 2013

Keep Your Summer Rocking!

As we all know Summer is unfortunately coming to an end... or is it? With the new tiki themed islanders hoard you can keep chilling in the sun even when the yuletide hoard is out! This new hoard comes with good gear, wands, and a new pet! With all this cool stuff I had to try it once...
Definitly not bad... the crab apples really make it worth 399 crowns, also I was happy to see this on my 7 day hippogriff...
Now you don't have to waste the rental mounts you get from hoards and can enjoy them to the fullest great job Kingsisle! I think this pack is one you should get at least once or twice because it has many promising loot, I love the waverider mount!

On other news I finished Marleybone in Pirate101 getting me Catbeard, and might I say that he is one of my favorites now, I love his criticals XD
Because when all else fails pickled herrings shall smite your enemies!

Happy Pet collecting,
The Cool Theurgist/Witchdoctor

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