Saturday, September 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Wizard101!

After looking at some of my old posts I realized I haven't talked much about my adventures through Azteca, which is still in progress as I begin my journey through Alto Alto.
Houston We have a problem.... Ahhh that most definitely is the best way to start a world, by looking at the pummeling comet heading straight towards you!

So far Ponce has been the most difficult solo for me as his cheats were frustrating and he sent me back to the Zocalo various times... I especially didn't like this move he used
Fortunately other battles were easier such as Caotl Mother Earth and Anacaona Black Snake...
These bosses concerned me because I didn't know they knew about Earth in Azteca, and I ran out of spells and in the end my sprite minion killed Anacoana which is something I'm not too proud about.
Possibly the best name ever... I really liked what Kingsisle did with these bosses and there names!
Popzotz and Shemazan how does KI come up with this!

I could go on and on about Azteca but it's someone's birthday and I find that more important!
I just have to say, best! birthday! party! yet! What a way to celebrate 5 years, and many more! Even wizard101 central joined the fun with a TON of fun contests and raffles to everyone! Those contests might be over but you should still check out what wizard101 is doing with present boxes in the commons of each world and some mounts for 5000 crowns, even I'm considering these offers!I can't wait to see what Pirate101 does for there fifth birthday!
And finally what would be a post from me if you didn't hear about pets such as these two!
Two more of the list! You'll hear more from me soon!
Happy Birthday Partying,
The Cool Theurgist

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