Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Pirate101 and Packs!

Pirate101 will probably be revealing the new Hoodoo Bundle soon and possibly a new world if Kryshalis part 2 doesn't come first, but that is not what I will be discussing today. A few blogs have been pondering about the idea of a new pirate101 pack and I'd like to add my two cents, please add any comments or ideas you have in the comments section that you have. This post might be a tad, small, tiny bit more "serious" and longer than my usual though rare posts but I hope you still enjoy it.

Packs: Good or Bad?
If you been on Wizard101 Central you've no doubt seen "rants" about too many card packs,the overpowered items you can receive from them,or vice versa, in which players got nothing "good".
:A swing by me at the Islanders Pack
Personally, when I see such posts I try to see both sides of the argument that packs are bad or packs are good, but truthfully there is no real answer because they are just opinions. Packs are good or bad, it just depends on how you feel about them, and you are entitled to your opinions and feelings.
Packs are Bad or Packs are Good?

I like to buy packs when I have a little extra crowns or when I'm feeling lucky, and I don't think KI is only putting these packs out to just to make money. Hoards, packs, or lores are just fun things for crowns players to take a shot at. They aren't gambling because you always will get 7 items back, it's clearly stated that you get a chance at rare items such as a pet, mount, gear, or companion if you do P101.     Some people like throwing some crowns into this, others don't. It's your opinion and you can decide whether you'd like to use crowns on packs. The fact though, is that packs aren't bad or good.

I would say that packs have altered PvP for wizards in a negative way, generally it is very hard or impossible to win without the best gear from packs or bundles, but that's the only thing I feel is bad about packs. And some aquilian gear is better than pack gear as well.
How do you feel about packs? Do you buy any? Please comment about your opinions!
Should Pirate101 Add More Packs?
Pirate101 has established what some consider a fair compromise of some packs but not to many, and the items received from the packs have not changed PvP or regular battles in Pirate101 to make it necessary to use Tribal Crew Pack gear or companions. Therefore people who want packs, and people who don't want to be affected by packs both win.
: Great companions can be won from this pack but they aren't the El Toros or Bonnie Annes of Azteca.
But if the packs haven't affected PvP in Pirate101, couldn't we have more than 1?
I've never seen a complaint about packs in Pirate101 "corrupting" things like in Wizard101, but I've seen many people wanting something new to invest some crowns into.
 So can't we add at least one or two new packs? I don't see why not as long as nothing game changing can be obtained from the pack. People who dislike packs wouldn't have anything affecting them, and people who want packs get something new! 
But seriously? KI wouldn't make a companion with 5,000 health or some gear that does 1000 damage per hit, so show me the packs!
Disagree? Do you think the Tribal Crew Pack is Overpowered or Underpowered or perfect? Do you not want a new pack? Why? Please comment and share your opinions!
Ok, the packs aren't OP, So what kind of theme will the packs be?
Many ideas have been shared for every world in Pirate101 and even some Wizard101 world themed packs. But I've commonly seen many brilliant ideas for Aquilian themed packs? I mean, Don't you want a Buccaneer Ettin or Swashbuckling Ophidian by your side? Maybe a brave privateering Manticore? The possibilities are endless and I have no doubt Kingsisle will satisfy with a or some great packs!
Got a great idea for a pack or have seen a great idea? Share it in the comments section!
I hope this have opened a few different ideas for you to think about and I'll be posting about some other stuff soon! So please comment, because that motivates and reminds me to keep sharing my thoughts with you guys!
Happy Pet collecting,
The Cool Theurgist/Witchdoctor

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween guys! We get a new quest and pet in Wizard101 and our first ever Birth-o-ween celebration in Pirate101! Though you might think that Pirate101's Halloween event was rather dull, I must say that there are several reasons you should still like it.

1. Eyepatches, always an epic way to style your pirate.
2. Haunted Galleon,

I wouldn't like to battle it, even with my Marleybone Galleon.
3. Some Companions 50% off, Maybe I like companions more that you but when you can buy Doctor Noh and Moresco De Valvida together for less than the price of one, I like it.
There still is time to celebrate Halloween In Wizard and Pirate101 so go out there and get in the spirit!(Pun intended)
Happy Pet and Companion Collecting,
The Cool Theurgist

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Wizard101!

After looking at some of my old posts I realized I haven't talked much about my adventures through Azteca, which is still in progress as I begin my journey through Alto Alto.
Houston We have a problem.... Ahhh that most definitely is the best way to start a world, by looking at the pummeling comet heading straight towards you!

So far Ponce has been the most difficult solo for me as his cheats were frustrating and he sent me back to the Zocalo various times... I especially didn't like this move he used
Fortunately other battles were easier such as Caotl Mother Earth and Anacaona Black Snake...
These bosses concerned me because I didn't know they knew about Earth in Azteca, and I ran out of spells and in the end my sprite minion killed Anacoana which is something I'm not too proud about.
Possibly the best name ever... I really liked what Kingsisle did with these bosses and there names!
Popzotz and Shemazan how does KI come up with this!

I could go on and on about Azteca but it's someone's birthday and I find that more important!
I just have to say, best! birthday! party! yet! What a way to celebrate 5 years, and many more! Even wizard101 central joined the fun with a TON of fun contests and raffles to everyone! Those contests might be over but you should still check out what wizard101 is doing with present boxes in the commons of each world and some mounts for 5000 crowns, even I'm considering these offers!I can't wait to see what Pirate101 does for there fifth birthday!
And finally what would be a post from me if you didn't hear about pets such as these two!
Two more of the list! You'll hear more from me soon!
Happy Birthday Partying,
The Cool Theurgist

Monday, August 26, 2013

Keep Your Summer Rocking!

As we all know Summer is unfortunately coming to an end... or is it? With the new tiki themed islanders hoard you can keep chilling in the sun even when the yuletide hoard is out! This new hoard comes with good gear, wands, and a new pet! With all this cool stuff I had to try it once...
Definitly not bad... the crab apples really make it worth 399 crowns, also I was happy to see this on my 7 day hippogriff...
Now you don't have to waste the rental mounts you get from hoards and can enjoy them to the fullest great job Kingsisle! I think this pack is one you should get at least once or twice because it has many promising loot, I love the waverider mount!

On other news I finished Marleybone in Pirate101 getting me Catbeard, and might I say that he is one of my favorites now, I love his criticals XD
Because when all else fails pickled herrings shall smite your enemies!

Happy Pet collecting,
The Cool Theurgist/Witchdoctor

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

White Winter Owl.


As you probably know the White Winter Owl has been released on the 13th day of the spiral. I believe it is the first crowns shop pet ever to be sold for gold or crowns. Its prices are below.

Crowns: 3,500
Gold: 35,000

Yes at some times 35,000 gold is something you don't want to use on one pet but I'm here to give some insight on why its worth its price.

First of all the White Winter Owl is a nice addition to anyone's pet collection and has a nice look.

But when you train it you see it real value.

I hope to train in to adult as show that talent as well.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

How to get Bones Mcgee

Today I will show you how to get Bones Mcgee as a Companion.

Note that this companion is Witchdoctor only, but I believe he will go to the crowns shop for the other classes.

You Start off at level 10 by talking to Captain Charlie Kennit in Flotsams docks. He tells you that His Cousin is missing and he wants you to find him. You find his shipwrecked at the ruined lighthouse and you follow his footprints to a cavern. When you get in you find yourself confronting A skeleton, drowned zombie, and wizened zombie. After Defeating them there is some dialouge and then Old Scratch tells you there is powerful magic here and summons a skeleton.

Then you have a powerful and cool looking musketeer on your team. I only trained Bonnie Anne to level 8 so Bones really helps.

I'll show you more Companions soon, I have more than the eight shown up top.

Happy Companion Collecting,
The Cool Theurgist

Friday, October 5, 2012


Fin Dorsal and his ten henchsharks have you outskilled and outmatched. As you take a step back to avoid the cutlass of a shark you bump into someone. Aware that your time is up you turn around to see Wu Tang, Kan Po, and Bonnie Anne ready to fight. You sigh in relief knowing that your odds of victory have increased.


1 Cool Theugist's Guide to Companions

*Note. Companions have colors dependent on your flag colors. Mine is Orange and Black so mine will look different. Sorry that some Companions are incomplete, I will try my hardest to get as many as I can for you.

Please do not use pictures without my permission.
Obtainer's Class: Type that gets companion.
Quest Giver: Person Who gives quest for companion
Quest: Which quest gives companion and if its a first, second, third, ect. in quest line.
Unlocked: When you can purchase it in the crowns shop.
Quest Giver's Location: Area and world of quest giver.
Promotion: When, for what, and/or how they look after a promotion.
Every-Class Companions

Bonnie Anne
Obtainer's Class: All
Quest Giver: Bonnie Anne
Quest: Troggy Trouble
Gracie Conrad
Obtainers Class: All
Quest Giver: Gracie Conrad
Quest: Guns of Marleybone
Crowns Shop Miscellaneous Companions
Holkun DoomHorn
Obtainers Class: Any
Bought From Tribal Crew Pack

Chilam Bak (needs pic)
Kawil Doomclaws (needs pic
Itzen Kaan (needs pic)
Lemba Moonskull (needs pic)
Nikeeta (needs pic)
Obtainers Class: Any
Quest Giver: Hunter Swiftfoot
Quest: Passion of the Heart
Oingo Boingo (needs pic)
Fin Dorsal (needs pic)
Martin Valvida

Starter Companions

Egg Shen

Obtainer's Class: Privateer
Quest Giver: BoochBeard
Quest: Tutorial

Kan Po

Obtainer's Class: Witchdoctor
Quest Giver: Boochbeard
Quest: Tutorial

Kobe Yojimbo

Obtainer's Class: Buccaneer
Quest Giver: BoochBeard
Quest: Tutorial

Wing Chun
Obtainer's Class: Musketeer
Quest Giver: Boochbeard
Quest: Tutorial

Obtainer's Class: Swashbuckler
Quest Giver: Boochbeard
Quest: Tutorial
Starter Crowns Companions

Wu Tang
Unlocked: Start

Unlocked: Start

Kiesuke Yaga
Unlocked: Start

Wagyu Sanjuro
Unlocked: Start
Zang Cha
Unlocked: Start

Gunn's Will Companions


Obtainer's Class: Witchdoctor
Quest Giver: Avery
Quest: Bad Company
Ensign Emmett

Obtainer's Class: Privateer
Quest Giver: Avery
Quest: Bad Company

Barnabus (needs pic)

Louis Le Bisque

Obtainer's Class: Musketeer
Quest Giver: Avery
Quest Bad Company
Sarah Steele (needs pic)

Parent's Death Companions

Milo Greytail

Obtainers Class: Anyone who answers Storm
Quest Giver: FrogFather
Quest: Presidio Job
Birgus Latro

Obtainer's Class: Anyone who answers Sky Squid
Quest Giver: FrogFather
Quest: Presidio Job

Lucky Jack Russel

Obtainer's Class: Anyone who answers shipwrecked
Quest Giver: FrogFather
Quest: Presidio Job

Companions Obtained By Witchdoctors

Bones Mcgee
Quest Giver: Captain Charlie Kennit
Quest: Bone Chill (1st in questline)
Quest Giver's Location: Flotsam (Skull Island)


Quest Giver: Nikolaus Amarillo
Quest: A Deadly Catch (2nd in questline)
Quest Giver's Location: Gold Mines (Skull Island)

Ghost Singer

Quest Giver: Seven Storms
Quest: To The Rescue (Main Quest)
Quest Givers location: Elder's Bluff  (Cool Ranch)


Quest Giver: Adam Jolly
Quest: Save Those Jolly Ranchers (1st in questline)
Quest Giver's Location: Arroyo Grande, Junction (Cool Ranch)


Happy Companion Collecting,
The Cool Theurgist