Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Pirate101 and Packs!

Pirate101 will probably be revealing the new Hoodoo Bundle soon and possibly a new world if Kryshalis part 2 doesn't come first, but that is not what I will be discussing today. A few blogs have been pondering about the idea of a new pirate101 pack and I'd like to add my two cents, please add any comments or ideas you have in the comments section that you have. This post might be a tad, small, tiny bit more "serious" and longer than my usual though rare posts but I hope you still enjoy it.

Packs: Good or Bad?
If you been on Wizard101 Central you've no doubt seen "rants" about too many card packs,the overpowered items you can receive from them,or vice versa, in which players got nothing "good".
:A swing by me at the Islanders Pack
Personally, when I see such posts I try to see both sides of the argument that packs are bad or packs are good, but truthfully there is no real answer because they are just opinions. Packs are good or bad, it just depends on how you feel about them, and you are entitled to your opinions and feelings.
Packs are Bad or Packs are Good?

I like to buy packs when I have a little extra crowns or when I'm feeling lucky, and I don't think KI is only putting these packs out to just to make money. Hoards, packs, or lores are just fun things for crowns players to take a shot at. They aren't gambling because you always will get 7 items back, it's clearly stated that you get a chance at rare items such as a pet, mount, gear, or companion if you do P101.     Some people like throwing some crowns into this, others don't. It's your opinion and you can decide whether you'd like to use crowns on packs. The fact though, is that packs aren't bad or good.

I would say that packs have altered PvP for wizards in a negative way, generally it is very hard or impossible to win without the best gear from packs or bundles, but that's the only thing I feel is bad about packs. And some aquilian gear is better than pack gear as well.
How do you feel about packs? Do you buy any? Please comment about your opinions!
Should Pirate101 Add More Packs?
Pirate101 has established what some consider a fair compromise of some packs but not to many, and the items received from the packs have not changed PvP or regular battles in Pirate101 to make it necessary to use Tribal Crew Pack gear or companions. Therefore people who want packs, and people who don't want to be affected by packs both win.
: Great companions can be won from this pack but they aren't the El Toros or Bonnie Annes of Azteca.
But if the packs haven't affected PvP in Pirate101, couldn't we have more than 1?
I've never seen a complaint about packs in Pirate101 "corrupting" things like in Wizard101, but I've seen many people wanting something new to invest some crowns into.
 So can't we add at least one or two new packs? I don't see why not as long as nothing game changing can be obtained from the pack. People who dislike packs wouldn't have anything affecting them, and people who want packs get something new! 
But seriously? KI wouldn't make a companion with 5,000 health or some gear that does 1000 damage per hit, so show me the packs!
Disagree? Do you think the Tribal Crew Pack is Overpowered or Underpowered or perfect? Do you not want a new pack? Why? Please comment and share your opinions!
Ok, the packs aren't OP, So what kind of theme will the packs be?
Many ideas have been shared for every world in Pirate101 and even some Wizard101 world themed packs. But I've commonly seen many brilliant ideas for Aquilian themed packs? I mean, Don't you want a Buccaneer Ettin or Swashbuckling Ophidian by your side? Maybe a brave privateering Manticore? The possibilities are endless and I have no doubt Kingsisle will satisfy with a or some great packs!
Got a great idea for a pack or have seen a great idea? Share it in the comments section!
I hope this have opened a few different ideas for you to think about and I'll be posting about some other stuff soon! So please comment, because that motivates and reminds me to keep sharing my thoughts with you guys!
Happy Pet collecting,
The Cool Theurgist/Witchdoctor

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